Mission Statement

My mission is to help advance you towards reaching your financial goals

through; comprehensive planning, investment selection, ongoing service

and review.  I manage your accounts with a philosophy and approach          

which is consistent with your own goals and objectives.  I believe helping

you keep realistic expectations and staying the course through varying

market conditions is the key to your long-term success.


I.    Planning approach

  a)  I believe understanding your specific needs, goals and

        financial situation is critical to building a successful

        long-term strategy.

  b)  You should benefit from a diverse range of investment

       options within a comprehensive financial strategy.

  c)  I will help you make educated investment decisions with

       the help of my independent research.


II.    Investment selection

  a)  Your investments should have a philosophy and approach  that

        is consistent with your long-term goals.

  b)  I screen investment options for optimal portfolio

       allocation, performance, and cost.

  c)  The key to making your financial plan successful is finding

       investments with long-standing commitments to generating

       consistent results.


III.   Commitment to ongoing service

  a)  I conduct regular meetings to personally discuss your

        investments, priorities, and goals.

  b)  I review and recommend adjustments to your investments in

        response to changes in your needs, goals or overall strategy.

  c)   I work with CPAs and attorneys to help insure you are in the

       best possible financial position for your strategy and overall